Eastern Projects Gallery

Eastern Projects Annex Gallery is pleased to announce The Longest Whisper, a video installation by Dr. Jules Medina. The Longest Whisper is a love letter to Los Angeles in an attempt to rekindle a relationship with the artist's city of birth. For years he ran from it. Yet, everywhere he went he told of her stories, places, people and folklore. Los Angeles was not a place anymore, it was an interior world. Dr. Jules Medina came back and through images from his archive and various texts in the form of prose he began the correspondence. It was time to rediscover the voice that Los Angeles had given him, and to whisper it out loud for all to hear and see.

Native to ‘Echo park’ Los Angeles, California (1975), Dr.Jules Medina has been documenting the ever changing inner city landscape since 1990 through photographs, film, video and text. Education took Medina out of what was once considered a violent snake pit of a ghetto, to an academic journey that would span the globe. Gone for 18 years, Medina returned to find what the demographics of pop culture had done to the neighborhoods he once called home; now just ghosts, images left behind in the countless photo negatives, films, videos and prose found amongst his body of work. Dr. Jules is now dedicated to expose a Los Angles that lies within it’s author, a city narrated by a voice that comes from a historical perspective outside of the ‘visitor culture’ that has arrived 

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