Castro Frank is a photographer, born and raised in Los Angeles. His style fuses a journalistic approach with an artistic eye to create imagery that is raw and speaks powerfully of our time. Rather than leaning toward voyeurism, the subjects in Castro’s work are actively engaged, inviting the viewer into a rich, personal narrative. He has a unique ability to capture the dignity and humanity of these downtrodden, often forgotten individuals with an artistry and composition usually reserved for high fashion. The resulting images are a place where grit and beauty coexist. The impact of this juxtaposition is both unexpected and profound. Castro turns his lens towards systematic and societal issues that plague our nation i.e. homelessness, prostitution, poverty, drug abuse, and the plights of immigrants here in America.

His original photographs has been featured by television networks like CBS & FOX. Written publicity includes articles in L.A. Times, Huffington Post, Daily News, and London’s Hunger Magazine to name a few. He has been interviewed and done live segments with Telemundo and was selected as the first artist to kick off the Los Angeles Council District 7 public art initiative “Museo al Aire Libre” with his bus bench public installation throughout Los Angeles.  His work has been exhibited at the Woodbury University’s center for experimental exhibitions and multi-disciplinary collaborations “WUHO” and has also displayed various times with 11:11 A Creative Collective.

As his unique and signature style continues to evolve, Castro isn’t slowing down. His latest exhibit titled “Communion” showcased 7, of his large scale photographs. His future projects include public art installations, staged photography art exhibitions and his first photography book.


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