Eastern Projects is a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Chinatown. 

Location and hours:

Tuesday - Saturday | 12pm - 6pm 

900 N Broadway #1090 

LA CA 90012






Join us this Saturday, November 19, 2022, 6-9pm fro the Opening Reception of:AdornmentArtifact

ON VIEW November 19, 2022- March 5, 2023

ADORNMENT ARTIFACT is a five-site experience across Los Angeles that highlights contemporary aesthetics as a living part of Nubian heritage. Conceived as community-based engagement bridging past, present and future, ADORNMENT ARTIFACT centers Nubia, in all its complexity, at the epicenter of global cultural production.

ADORNMENT ARTIFACT refuses the separation of antiquities and the present, the division of ethnic groups into exclusive categories and the ownership of cultural ideas and imagery by the sanctioned few. The impulses that Nubian makers shape into visual language are expressed across time and place in the multiple ways featured artists create and affirm making that elevates awareness, inspires literacy and transforms exposure to memories, histories and new narratives. These liberatory moments enable marginalized communities to define and reclaim our own identities and our own values.

The Transformative Arts team, our artists and our collaborators are committed to ensuring that the arts remain in our neighborhoods for our greatest good. We invite you to return again and again and visit our sister sites across the city to connect and collaborate with people and stories that share the legacy of Nubia's rich traditions

The ancient heart beats in us...

Eastern Projects | 900 N Broadway #1090 - Los Angeles, CA 90012 | Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-6pm

For further information please contact the gallery at:

easternprojectsla@gmail.com or at (323)327-8020


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