Eastern Projects is a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Chinatown. Location and hours are:

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900 N Broadway #1090 

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Artists: Simone Alice Hills, Cheyann Washington, Ireland Wisdom,

Shoko Yanagisawa, and Tara Zorthian

AUGUST 28, 2021- SEPTEMBER 28, 2021


5:00-9:00 PM



Eastern Projects Gallery cordially invites you to join us this SATURDAY, AUGUST 28, 2021, 5-9pm for the OPENING RECEPTION of "HEART OF LILITH", a GROUP EXHIBITION by Los Angeles artists Simone Alice Hills, Cheyann Washington, Ireland Wisdom, Shoko Yanagisawa, and Tara Zorthian  . 

 This event is free and open to the public. Due to the spread of the delta COVID variant, all guests are required to wear a mask while attending this event. No exceptions. Thank you for your cooperation.

Heart of Lilith - The Heart of Lilith brings together five female contemporaries for a diverse representational and symbolic painting exhibition. The artists and their present works are in constant conversation with beauty, gaze, and the performative female body. 

This  exhibition is an opportunity for all of us to further understand light and shadow, and use their infinite relationship to help illustrate the experience of women and women artists today, and throughout history. Tales of Lilith come from various parts of the ancient and medieval worlds, yet in all she is deliberately misconstrued. This show aims to help change those archaic interpretations.

“Light and darkness are eternally intertwined, just as Lilith is inseparable from divinity, debauchery, order, and chaos. Here we are utilizing her mythology not to condemn, but instead to enlighten.” - IRELAND WISDOM


Simone Alice Hills  

Simone Alice Hills was born during the 1994 Northridge earthquake in Topanga California. Her style of human-like figures has been growing and evolving since she was a child. Simone has experimented with painting, drawing, marbling, and sculpture. When she moved to Detroit from 2014-2016 she volunteered for the nonprofit youth summer program Summer in the City where she assisted and taught young camp goers how to paint the building scale murals that she sketched. She studied at Santa Monica College for four years, learning the fundamentals of contemporary art and design. Simone describes her figures as multi-dimensional, ethereal guides. “They are visual representations of the deep well of our subconscious, little tricky beings that bring us our bright thoughts, triggers, desires, our will to love and experience life with others. They are the dark and the light, as is with the waves of the world.”

Ireland Wisdom 

Ireland Wisdom began painting as a child and comes from a long line of painters, a line she shares with Edgar Degas. Her three year education at a rigorous painting atelier in Italy has impassioned her into painting subjects exclusively from life and memory, never from a reproduction. Using classical techniques to observe and capture the most natural living impressions, her portraiture works as a conduit transfering pure feeling between subject and audience.  The Heart of Lilith exhibition is an opportunity for all of us to further understand light and shadow, and use their infinite relationship to help illustrate the experience of women and women artists today, and throughout history. Tales of Lilith come to us from various parts of the ancient and medieval worlds, yet in all she is deliberately misconstrued. Within this show we hope to help change those archaic interpretations. 

Cheyann Washington  

My name is Cheyann Washington. I'm from Inglewood, CA currently working from my studio in DTLA at Wonzimer gallery. My earlier days of drawings were very figurative with exaggerated heads and bodies but during that time I wasn't familiar with the figure yet. Not until later during my highschool days, I would start by drawing the head because it determines what the scale of the body will be, or the face and surroundings. The human body/figure has always been an integral part of my process. Unlike most things we own our bodies but they are constantly changing in and out of the selves that we know so well. I find it fascinating how the human brain develops along with the body. When I was younger I struggled with my own body issues due to social standards, not eating properly and wearing clothing that didn’t fit right (honestly nothing was wholly wrong just developing in society today). It was also never a positive thing in my household, no one was happy nor proud of their bodies so how could I? 

Shoko Yanagisawa 

I’m a Japanese - Korean artist, a self-described spiritually feminist known for my deep abstract installations that are meant to empower individuals to see their potential in this world. Lilith, the theme of this art show, is also a symbol of independence, the magical side of women, dark desires, and feminism. Some call Lilith a devilish woman, but is it wrong for her to be a demon? We humans, not just us women, are beautiful and precious because of the yin and yang. I think the desires hidden inside make us mysterious and beautiful women. The evil side of the female, which has been interpreted as negative in society, is used as a beauty to express the soft touch and uniqueness of watercolor painting and the hidden strength of a woman. 

Tara Zorthian 

Born 1996 and raised in the plains of New Mexico Tara is a Painter, sculptor, composer and musician. When she’s not playing with her band “Tara and the little stars” she lives on a community ranch in Altadena founded by her grandfather Jirayr Zorthian, a prolific artist who immigrated to America during the Armenian genocide. Her work reflects profoundly on the female body and experience using herself and her own life as a backdrop while plunging everything into a desolate dreamscape that perhaps resemble the brutalist desert zones in which she was raised. With a quick on the trigger and curious mental attitude she constantly explores different fields and artforms to intriguing results. 

Only 100 guests in 30 minute intervals will be allowed inside, MASKS and social distancing are mandatory for the safety of everyone. Temperature checks and hand sanitizer will be provided upon entry, time limits will be enforced.

For further information please contact the gallery at:

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