Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mister Cartoon was immersed in art from an early age. He began his career as a graffiti artist before branching into murals, album covers, logos, and now most famously known for his tattoos. His richly detailed, hand-rendered designs pull much of their inspiration from the Los Angeles of Cartoon’s youth. At one time, the black and grey, fine line style was synonymous with LA street life. Cartoon’s work has helped bridge the gap between those hardscrabble beginnings and the style’s current popularity. Stars such as Eminem, Travis Barker, Slash, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Beyoncé, along with athletes like CC Sabathia, Amarie Stoudemire and Carlos Boozer wear Cartoon’s art on their skin.

Having already gained a worldwide following from his tattooing, Cartoon has attracted a diverse and devoted fan base for his work in other media as well. The result has been highly acclaimed gallery appearances and art shows from London, Paris, Tokyo, and beyond.

Cartoon’s art has been featured in numerous publications including Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, Complex, Juxtapoze, XXL, GQ, and others.

Always looking to challenge himself as an artist, Cartoon has carved himself a place in corporate logo design and branding. Together with renowned photographer Estevan Oriol, Cartoon runs SA Studios Global, a lifestyle-marketing agency based in Los Angeles. SA has partnered with companies such as Microsoft, Nike, Vans, Stussy, Metro PCS, Rockstar Games, and Harley-Davidson and taken part in film marketing projects with Fox, Weinstein Company, and Universal.

Service to the community has been an essential part of Cartoon’s career. He takes place in monthly outreach programs where he shares his knowledge with young people and devotes time to many other community-based initiatives.


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