In January 2018, the Los Angeles Magazine selected five artists as the top 5 Los Angeles based neon artists to follow on Instagram.

Eastern Projects is proud to present four of the five artists in the exhibition, “All Lit Up” July 28 - August 25, 2018. These four artists are all lit up when it comes to choice of media to use in their art making practice. Their different approaches to neon show compelling and original viewpoints.

Michael Flechtner’s work reflects his sense of humor. With fingers on the pulse of contemporary culture, he plays with language, pop imagery, rebuses and lovingly create artworks with a continuing reverie for the craft of neon glass bending and all the artists and craftsmen who came before him. 

Leticia Maldonado is influenced by the elegant bravado of graffiti, the super energetic independence of punk rock and the special space-time visual beauty of comic books. Leticia uses neon and tube bending to explore botanical forms and symbols of personal power.

Linda Sue Price is known for injecting her personal reflections to stimulate emotion and to manipulate how neon is perceived as a medium. Elements of historic neon signs, abstract expressionism, social realism, pop art and graphic design influence her work.

Lisa Schulte uses neon to explore work that provokes a broader dialogue pertaining to relativity and environmental adaptation. In collaboration with set designer Jason Howard, they created a mixed media installation piece about the ‘selfie’. Howard is interested in the intersection of technology, perception and sense of self in the modern world.

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