Sung Jik Yang

Eastern Projects Gallery is pleased to present Sun-Jik Yang’s debut SOLO SHOW: “PORTRAITS”.

Opening Reception is Saturday August 10, 2019 6-10pm, coinciding with LA Chinatown’s last “Chinatown Summer Nights” celebration of 2019. Show runs from August 10- September 14,2019.

 “I often compare a painter to a psychologist. While a psychologist listens to and observes people to read who they are, an artist paints to have a better understanding of his or her subject.”

“Painting comforts me and heals me. More importantly, it helps me deepen my understanding of people in my life. Thus, most my painting subjects are the people of whom I know. Their individual life stories, and my perception of them, and the chemistry and bond between my subjects and me are essential for me to conceptualize and visualize when I paint them. In that sense, painting is a process for me to get to know them better. My works demonstrate physical, emotional and psychological structures of people. I believe that the most rewarding aspect of being an artist is when my artistic creation helps people express their sense of identity. I wish my paintings would deliver an immediate impact to the audience.” - Sung-Jik Yang

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