“Overture” is a collection of original works by Los Angeles artist Zara Monet Feeney. Her paintings start with an underlying composite pictogram, alternating between layers of transparent vs. opaque imagery and exploited vs. subdued color relationships. Aiming for the work to fluctuate with intensity in a non-formulaic way, she is fastidious with what is flat and what recedes. Once there is a newly articulated compositional hierarchy, she can extend the reverie into strange unexpected conceptual spaces. By utilizing stratagems of perception and displaying a dramatic dynamic between the subject and the space it occupies, she hopes to set up a curious and reflexive viewing experience.

Instead of disguising the artifice into the interworking of the painted illusion (like a window into another world), her work highlights the painting’s inherent flatness and exaggerates the mere idea of trickery itself. Now the viewer becomes aware that they are looking at something unreal and also becomes conscious of their own fact of seeing— a redoubled vision.

Castro Frank “Street Stories”

Castro Frank’s “STREET STORIES”.
The collection of photographs chosen for this series, offers a raw powerful look into the residents of our city. Rather than leaning toward voyeurism, the subjects in Castro’s images are actively inviting the viewer into a rich, personal narrative.

Castro Frank is a photographer, B. August 28th 1983, in Los Angeles, CA. His style fuses a journalistic approach with an artistic eye to create imagery that is raw and speaks powerfully of our time. His compassion and empathy for the disenfranchised within our society has prompted him to capture them in such a way which attempts to restore the humanity and dignity of those often forgotten. The resulting images are a place where grit And beauty coexist. The impact of this juxtaposition is both Unexpected and profound.

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